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Green Clearing

What is Green Clearing? In Spartanburg and Asheville, more developers and property owners are realizing the importance of protecting our precious natural resources even as they clear land for construction and cut back overgrown areas. At Madey Equipment, we have spent years striking just this balance, executing kudzu control and retention pond maintenance in Greenville and the surrounding areas while doing everything possible to preserve the natural state of the area.


One of the most important features of our process is our on-site chipping procedure. This approach mimics nature’s way of recycling vegetation back into the soil for future growth. This helps your property in a number of important ways:


- Keeping chipped vegetation on the ground reduces the erosion problems associated with most clearing projects

- Natural mulch nourishes existing grass and plant life for a beautiful landscape

- Drastically reduced hauling and disposal needs save you a significant amount of money


Once you observe the positive effects of our green clearing methods, we know you will be happy you chose to work with us. In Greenville and the greater Asheville area, green site preparation and brush cutting results in a better-looking property for a lower price.

  • No Burning or Hauling Away
  • No Scarred Land (i.e., red mud)
  • Preserves and Builds Topsoil Layer
  • Less Expensive
  • Visually Appealing
  • Selective and Delicate Land Clearing​
  • Natural Erosion Control
  • Protective Nutrient Blanket
  • Low Ground Pressure (compaction)


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