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Customer Testimonials

We love hearing about how our Greenville/Asheville retention pond maintenance, site prep, and brush cutting customers have been satisfied with our work. Here are a few of our favorite comments. Call us today to ask how we can help you with your land clearing in the Spartanburg or Hendersonville area.

A huge thank you goes out to Brian Madey for his time and dedication to our dog walk trail last week! He made some major improvements on the trail to make it more efficient and safe for our volunteers and dogs.  THANKS BRIAN!!!


- Foothills Humane Society



Thanks for the efficient clearing job. I was very surprised you finished it all in one day. This was the best money I've spent since becoming a Landrum resident. The neighbors are also impressed with the job. You've turned our forest into a back yard. You'll have to come over for Bar B Que in the Gazebo when it's all done.


Thanks again,


Karl Landrum, SC 

True Professional : Encyclopedic Knowledge of Nature, Incredible Foresight, Positive and Friendly Attitude, and Strong Work Ethic make Brian Madey the best in his field. 

Madey Equipment was contracted to demolish and fill an abandoned pool, remove overgrown brush, and grade the land. The job involved more than that. My house backs up to a 35 acre nature reserve, Madey equipment was an obvious choice to be commissioned for this project. My expectations were exceeded. The entire area was opened up with special attention to the aesthetics. The result was a large entertaining area, while still keeping true to the natural beauty of the mountain foothill. 

I Highly recommend his service's, much appreciate his vision, and hope to work again with him in the future.

- Captain David Bartholomew Blinn

Bonnie and I feel very fortunate to have found Stewart Robinson's Bobcat Service. Stewart came out and looked our project over and then brought his partner out Brian Madey, Madey Equipment LLC. Our project was to cut in a driveway to our home that was 1200 plus feet long, moving through a grade change of 75 vertical feet with a slope of 25 to 30 degrees at one point climbing or descending in this area a distance of 250 feet. The soil in this area of the road bed that was too soft to support stone was another challenge of the project.


Stewart and Brian took their time looking over the project and making their estimate. Then we walked over the job together and discussed in detail what they planned to do to build our road. Bonnie and I decided on the spot that these were the folks to do the project for us. Stewart and Brian had estimated it would take 8 days and 12 truck loads of stone (which was recycled concrete) to complete the project. Well this summer we had weather non-typical of a summer in South Carolina with rain that has set records. (Summer 2013 check the rain fall totals if you weren't in the Upstate at the time). The weather resulted in delays and additional work that had to be preformed. This added up to another 5 days of work and we required an additional 3 truck loads of stone. Stewart and Brian told us at the beginning of the project our price and they stuck to it without complaint or request of additional compensation. This also included things we all discovered during the rain delays that had to be dealt with, all of these problems were addressed and solved for the original price. As the project developed and progressed through the tasks, Brian and Stewart both kept coming up with ways to improve the job which would result in our project being even better than we originally imagined and discussed.


To sum this up Stewart and Brian performed above and beyond our expectation. Bonnie and I found them to be innovative, straight forward, and men of integrity. We not only found great contractors to work with, but made great friends in the process. We are very pleased with the results of our project and would like to recommend them to you on any project you might be considering. If you would like to talk to us, ask either one of them for our phone number we would be most happy to speak with you directly about our experience with them. We look forward to working with them on future projects at our place in the country.


Fred and Bonnie Snyder


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