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Madey Equipment LLC: Land Clearing, Excavation, and Site Preparation

brush cutting & retention pond maintenance in asheville NC, hendersonville NC, Greenville SC, and Spartanburg SC

WELCOME to Madey Equipment, LLC

Madey Equipment, LLC is a unique company that provides stormwater pond maintenance and repair, land clearing and brush cutting in Greenville, Spartanburg, Hendersonville, and Asheville. With decades of experience in the industry, Brian Madey leads the company’s efforts to continually design new processes that benefit local developers as they make the most of their properties’ potential.


The defining feature of Madey Equipment is its dedication to green clearing. Unlike many other land clearing businesses, Madey Equipment makes it a priority to minimize damage to the environment through the following practices:


- Use of specialized heavy equipment that reduces the effect of soil disturbance and compaction, while removing unwanted overgrowth

- Chipping and mulching brush on site, saving on transportation/disposal costs

- Returning mulch and chips to the ground in order to promote growth and prevent soil erosion

- Reducing the “footprint” of brush cutting and retention pond maintenance activity


If your property lines, fences, fields, or utility right-of-ways need to be cleared of weeds, brush, or out-of-control kudzu, give our office a call today. We will remove the unwanted plants, leaving the landscape healthier and more beautiful than ever before. Retention pond maintenance and brush cutting in Greenville and Asheville can be environmentally responsible as well as affordable—ask us about our solutions and get a quote for your job!

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